The Time for Outdoor Fun Is Here, and RV and Boat Insurance Is a Must

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Summer is one of the most popular times of year to be outdoors, especially in Florida, which is one of the best states in the country for fun in the sun. In fact, May through September is recognized as arguably the peak time of year for boating our beautiful waters, hosting big holidays like Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. And, did you know the RV Industry Association expects more than 45 million people across the U.S. to hit the road in RVs this summer?

But it’s not only time to put your valuable toys to good use, but also for taking a close look at RV and boat insurance that protects you and your precious cargo in unforeseen situations. At Boyd Insurance & Investments, our personal lines team, including Deb Merrick and Bixby Hartley, can help you create tailored policies for your unique needs – and here’s why it’s important to consider investing in coverage now.

You’re Prepared for Anything on the Water:

More than 4,000 boat accidents occur annually across the U.S. – most of which are caused by human error. With over a million registered boats per the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), the Sunshine State leads the nation in marine accidents and fatalities.

There Are Coverage Options for Any Sized RV:

While the typical RV insurance policy hovers around $1,500 per year, according to MarketWatch, premiums vary depending on your toy’s size and capabilities. Drivable RVs are generally broken down into three categories: Classes A, B and C. In fact, since the pandemic and interest in nomadic lifestyles that came with it, the Class B market has grown with the rise in popularity of upfitted, customized cargo vans – and they’re not challenging to insure if built by licensed professionals.


    In Numerous Unforeseen Scenarios, Your Policy Protects You:

    While you may feel like comprehensive RV and Boat Insurance may not be necessary today, there’s no telling what’s ahead in life. Here’s a breakdown of how you’re covered in a number of very real scenarios that insured adventurers experience at any given time:

    For Boats:

        • Loss of the boat or damage to the hull, machinery, fittings, equipment and furnishings

        • Theft and vandalism

        • Loss or theft or valuables

        • Medical payments

        • Bodily injury

        • Property damage

        • Trailer and accessories

        • Cash value and agreed amount value

        • Uninsured boater protection

        • Towing

      For RVs:

          • Very similar to auto insurance, which typically includes bodily injury, property damage, collision, uninsured/underinsured motorist, personal injury protection (PIP), medical payments and comprehensive coverage options. 

          • Personal liability for full-timers

          • Costs of repair work and towing

          • Safety glass repair or replacement

          • Roadside assistance

          • Vacation liability

          • Emergency expense

          • And more!

        Boats Out of Water Are Still Vulnerable:

        You know where we live – and you know what happens between June and November. Just because your boat is stored on a lift or on dry land doesn’t mean devastating disasters, like fires, tropical storms, and hurricanes, can’t cause damage and destruction. Especially this year, think about evaluating your existing RV and Boat Insurance policy or investing in new coverage altogether.

        We Have a Long History of Insuring RVs:

        It’s true. Did you know our family at Boyd Insurance & Investments covers over 70 mobile home/RV communities in Florida? With a deep knowledge of and proven experience in insuring valuable assets, from multimillion-dollar RVs to camper vans, we can customize a policy that keeps you and your family safe, secure, and comfortable for the road ahead!

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