Reeves Rogers

Commercial Insurance Advisor
Office Phone: 941-745-8300
Reeves is an experienced commercial insurance advisor who excels in analyzing customer risks and exposures. When it comes to asset and business protection and securing competitively priced insurance policies, he is your trusted advisor.

Reeves Rogers is a driven Commercial Insurance Advisor with a focus on Commercial Real Estate, Trade Contractors, and Construction/Development Property & Casualty Insurance. With a strong educational background, including graduation from Stetson University and time at Furman, Reeves brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. He takes pride in analyzing customer risks and exposures, providing valuable advice on asset and business protection, and securing competitively priced insurance policies. 

Getting to Know His Personal Side

Outside of the office, Reeves embraces his love for the outdoors, indulging in surfing, skiing, snowboarding, and various sports activities. With a competitive spirit and a passion for delivering peace of mind to clients, Reeves Rogers continues to excel in the insurance industry.

Meet Other Team

Kim Bateman

Internal Communications Coordinator
Office Phone: 941-745-8300

Jerilynn Chapin

Director of HR & Internal Operations
Office Phone: 941-745-8300


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