Linda Difolco

Commercial Insurance Manager
Office Phone: 941-745-8300
Linda DiFolco brings 39 years of Reinsurance underwriting and marketing expertise to ensure tailored and comprehensive insurance solutions for her clients. Her dedication to crafting well-structured programs and a passion for providing exceptional customer service guarantees peace of mind and protection for businesses in Manatee County and beyond.

Linda DiFolco is an experienced Commercial Insurance Manager with a strong background in Reinsurance underwriting and marketing, boasting 39 years of expertise. Originally from Kansas City and a graduate of Drake University, Linda’s move to Florida in 2019 brought her a wealth of knowledge and dedication to Boyd Insurance. Her favorite memory from work includes transforming the smallest branch into the largest one by assembling a dynamic team and fostering a fun yet hardworking environment. Linda’s passion lies in assisting producers in creating programs that cater to their customers’ needs.

Getting to Know Her Personal Side

When she’s not working, Linda embraces life to the fullest, engaging in various activities that bring her joy. From entertaining guests to showcasing her culinary skills in the kitchen, she finds delight in creating memorable experiences. Linda enjoys boating and spending quality time at the beach in her free time. With a passion for exploration, she loves to travel and uncover new destinations. The best piece of advice she’s ever received is to savor life’s moments, as one can never predict what tomorrow will bring. 

In her professional life, Linda takes pride in helping producers craft programs that prioritize their customers’ well-being. A common question she often receives from clients is how their coverage compares to other options available. When showing visitors around Manatee County, Linda’s go-to spot is Bean Point on Anna Maria Island, where they can bask in the beauty of nature and breathtaking views. If Linda were a superhero, her superpower would be mind reading, allowing her to understand better and cater to her clients’ insurance needs.

Meet Other Team

Kim Bateman

Internal Communications Coordinator
Office Phone: 941-745-8300

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Office Phone: 941-745-8300
Direct Line: 941-567-3779

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Personal Account Manager
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