Kathryn L. Moss

Personal Account Manager
Office Phone: 941-745-8300 ext. 780
Email: KathrynM@BoydInsurance.com
With extensive knowledge of various insurance products and underwriting guidelines, Kathryn is well-equipped to guide her clients toward comprehensive coverage that prepares them for life’s challenges. With her expertise, you can confidently navigate the complexities of insurance, knowing you are well-protected and supported.
Kathryn Moss

Kathryn Moss, a dedicated insurance professional and native of Manatee County, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as an insurance advisor. With a deep understanding of various insurance products and underwriting guidelines, Kathryn excels in meeting her clients’ needs and ensuring they are well-prepared for life’s challenges. 

She takes a proactive approach to customer service, educating clients on the importance of proper coverage to protect their assets and financial well-being. Kathryn’s commitment to her clients’ satisfaction and her ability to resolve concerns make her a reliable advocate in the insurance industry.

Getting to Know Her Personal Side

In her personal life, Kathryn embraces her energetic side, evident in her brisk walking pace, even as vouched for by her pet. She lives by the valuable advice of looking out for oneself since no one else will. With a personality akin to the enigmatic “Mona Lisa Smile,” she exudes intrigue and warmth. Recently, she found inspiration in the song “You Got To Believe in Something” by Jonathan Butler, reflecting her positive outlook.

Kathryn’s passion for travel keeps her awake with excitement on the eve of every journey. One of her most awe-inspiring moments was witnessing the majestic Grand Canyon from a small 10-seat Cessna plane. When it comes to pizza, she opts for the flavorful Demetrios Special, customized without green peppers.

Meet Other Team

Tina Messer
Tina Messer

Commercial Account Manager
Office Phone: 941-745-8300 ext. 794
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Jeff Chapin
Jeff Chapin

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Office Phone: 941-745-8300 ext. 782
Direct Line: 941-567-3782
Email: JeffC@BoydInsurance.com

Rebecca Nesta
Rebecca Nesta

Benefits Account Manager
Office Phone: 941-745-8300 ext. 770
Email: RebeccaN@BoydInsurance.com


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