Julie Boswell

Commercial Account Manager
Office Phone: 941-745-8300 ext. 765
Email: JulieB@BoydInsurance.com
Julie is a seasoned insurance professional specializing in Personal and Commercial Lines. With over two decades of experience at Boyd Insurance & Investments, Julie’s journey has been marked by remarkable growth and commitment to exceptional customer service.
Julie Boswell

Key Accomplishments

  • Successfully transitioned from being a stay-at-home mom to building a thriving career in the insurance industry.
  • Acquired licensure in Personal Lines in 2001 and later moved to specialize in Commercial Lines in 2005.
  • Demonstrated exceptional growth and expertise during her 22-year tenure at Boyd Insurance & Investments.
  • Built a strong reputation for outstanding customer service and genuine care for clients’ needs and well-being.

Julie Boswell is a dedicated insurance professional with over two decades of experience at Boyd Insurance & Investments. Starting as a receptionist in 1998, Julie’s journey led her to specialize in Personal Lines in 2001 and later transition to Commercial Lines in 2005. Her remarkable growth and commitment to the industry are evident in the knowledge and experience she brings to every client interaction. Julie’s approach to customer service is rooted in genuine care and treating others with the kindness she values. With a warm and welcoming demeanor, Julie ensures that her clients receive the support and assistance they need.

Getting to Know Her Personal Side

Julie embraces life with a touch of humor and a heartfelt pursuit of happiness, as reflected in her choice of film titles like “Overboard,” “Working Girl,” and “The Pursuit of Happiness.” Her recent musical choice, Love & Happiness by Al Green, resonates with her positive outlook and warmth. Excitement fills her nights when anticipating visits from out-of-town family, cherishing moments of togetherness.

Among her most incredible experiences, exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska, climbing Flat Top Mountain, and witnessing the awe-inspiring views of Exit Glacier remains etched in her heart. Julie’s pizza order, a delightful combination of cheese and pineapple, mirrors her appreciation for unique flavors and joyful tastes.

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