Hurricane Season? We’ve Got You Covered.

The Sunshine State has a lot to offer, from its beautiful beaches to its vibrant coastal living. However, residents must also be prepared for the potential risks that come with living in a hurricane-prone region. At Boyd Insurance & Investments, we specialize in providing reliable flood insurance solutions for all Florida residents.

What Is Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is a specialized type of coverage that protects homeowners and businesses from financial losses caused by flooding events. While standard homeowners insurance policies typically do not cover flood damage, our policies are specifically designed to provide comprehensive coverage for flood-related losses.

Flood damage falls outside the scope of a standard general policy, necessitating specialized coverage available solely through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). This comprehensive program offers protection against various flood types, encompassing mudslides. However, it is crucial to differentiate between mudslides and landslides, as NFIP coverage excludes the latter, even if triggered by heavy rainfall. To ensure fair pricing and adherence to regulations, commercial flood agents are accountable to the government agency overseeing the NFIP. Consequently, this type of coverage is government-backed but distributed by private insurers.

Flood Insurance in Florida

Flooding poses a threat to both residential properties and businesses, regardless of their location, whether they are situated inland or along the coastline. In the last five years, floods have affected all 50 states, and dishearteningly, one out of every four businesses forced to close due to natural disasters never resumes operations. The U.S. government reports that the average commercial flood claim during the same period amounted to approximately $89,000, and the total annual property damage caused by flooding has exceeded $3.5 billion.

Who Should Get Flood Insurance

This coverage is a crucial investment for anyone living in Florida, as the state is prone to hurricane-related flooding and other water-related risks. While the cost of flood insurance in Florida varies, it’s best to get a better understanding if this coverage is for you or not. To help you understand who should consider getting this coverage, here are key points to consider:


Whether you live near the coastline or inland, homeowners in Florida should strongly consider getting one. Standard homeowners policies typically do not cover flood damage, leaving you vulnerable to costly repairs or replacements if a flood occurs.


Don't assume that your landlord's insurance will cover your personal belongings in the event of a flood. As a renter, it's important to protect your belongings by obtaining this. This coverage will ensure that you can recover the value of your possessions if floodwaters damage them.

Business Owners

Flooding can cause significant damage to businesses, leading to temporary closures, loss of revenue, and expensive repairs. Business owners in Florida should consider getting flood coverage to protect their physical assets, inventory, and equipment from flood-related losses.

Residents in Moderate or Low-Risk Areas

While properties in high-risk flood zones are more susceptible to flooding, it's important to note that floods can happen anywhere. Even if you live in a moderate or low-risk flood area, it's wise to consider this coverage as an added layer of protection in case it floods in your area.

Homeowners Associations

If you belong to a homeowners association (HOA), it's essential to evaluate the flood insurance coverage provided by the association. In many cases, the HOA's policy only covers common areas, leaving individual homeowners responsible for insuring their units or homes.

Prepare for the Unexpected. Get a Flood Insurance Coverage Today!

Natural disasters like hurricanes aren’t something we can control. So, instead of waiting for the next storm to strike, take proactive steps to safeguard your property and financial well-being. Getting reliable insurance coverage is a crucial part of your disaster preparedness plan. Boyd’s flood insurance agents are here to help you find the right coverage for your property. Whether you want to protect your residential or commercial property, we can help.

Why Choose Boyd Insurance & Investments for Your Flood Insurance Needs

For many years, Boyd Insurance & Investments has always been at the forefront of providing exceptional insurance services to Floridians. Discover why people have been trusting us for so long:

Tailored Solutions

Our policies are specifically designed to provide comprehensive coverage for flood-related losses, filling the gaps left by standard homeowners insurance policies.

Government Backing

Our flood insurance is available through NFIP, backed by the government. This ensures you receive fair pricing and reliable coverage, with every commercial flood agent answering to the NFIP.

Professional Guidance

Our team of experienced professionals will guide you through the process, helping you understand your coverage options and customizing a policy that meets your specific needs.

Protection for All

Whether you’re a homeowner, renter, business owner, or part of a homeowners association, we offer various solutions to safeguard your property, belongings, and assets.

FAQS and Blogs

In some situations, flood insurance may be mandatory. If your property is situated in a high-risk flood zone and you have a mortgage from a federally regulated or insured lender, purchasing flood insurance will likely be a requirement. However, even if you are not in a high-risk zone, it’s still highly recommended to consider flood insurance, as floods can occur in any location.

Flood insurance typically covers structural damage to your home and its foundation, as well as damage to electrical and plumbing systems. It also provides coverage for your personal belongings, such as furniture, appliances, clothing, and electronics.

There’s usually a 30-day waiting period before flood insurance coverage takes effect. It means that you cannot purchase flood insurance right before an imminent flood event to get immediate coverage. It’s essential to plan ahead and purchase the policy well in advance.

Yes, you can buy flood insurance even if your property is not in a high-risk flood zone. In fact, around 25% of all flood insurance claims come from properties located outside high-risk areas. It’s always a good idea to consider flood insurance, as floods can happen anywhere.

The flood insurance cost can vary depending on several factors, such as your property’s location, the area’s flood risk, the coverage limits you choose, and the type of property you have. It’s best to get a personalized quote from us to determine the exact cost for your specific situation.

Yes, renters can purchase flood insurance. The landlord’s insurance typically only covers the building structure and not the renters’ possessions, so make sure to keep that in mind.

No, standard homeowners insurance policies usually do not cover floods. You’ll need a separate flood insurance policy to protect your home and belongings from flood-related damages.

Yes, you can purchase flood insurance during hurricane season or at any other time of the year. However, remember that there is usually a 30-day waiting period before the coverage becomes effective.

Flood Insurance in Florida

Get Peace of Mind, Rain or Shine, with Comprehensive Flood Insurance

In the face of unpredictable natural disasters like hurricanes and flooding, it’s crucial to have a safety net that will protect you from unnecessary expenses. At Boyd Insurance & Investments, we understand the value of your home and business in Florida’s vibrant coastal regions. Our insurance solutions are designed to provide you with the peace of mind and financial protection you deserve. Contact us today!