Bixby Hartley

Personal Insurance Advisor
Office Phone: 941-745-8300 ext. 763
Direct Line: 941-567-3763
With his dedication to building strong client relationships, Bixby is your trusted advisor for all your personal insurance needs. It has always been his goal to safeguard his clients’ valuable assets through tailored insurance solutions.
Bixby Hartley

Key Accomplishments:

  • Active Member of MYP Marketing Team
  • Leadership Committee Member at MYP
  • Member of the Better Business Council (BBC) for the Manatee Chamber
  • Participation in the Economic Impact Committee (EIC) for Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance

Bixby Hartley is an accomplished Personal Insurance Advisor with a passion for community involvement. Originally from Dayton, Ohio, he has been an active member of the Bradenton area for the past 13 years. Bixby’s dedication to serving others extends beyond his work, as he actively contributes to various committees and organizations, including the MYP Marketing Team, MYP Leadership Committee, Better Business Council for the Manatee Chamber, and the Economic Impact Committee for Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance.

Getting to Know His Personal Side

When Bixby isn’t busy as an advisor, he enjoys spending quality time with his family, exploring national parks and hiking trails. He has a passion for hosting gatherings and showing off his cooking skills, whether it’s preparing a grand family feast or grilling and smoking delicious meals. 

A sports enthusiast, Bixby loves watching games and cheering for his favorite teams. He believes in the value of attentive listening and cherishes the advice to “Stop, Look, & Listen,” as it has taught him the importance of learning from others. Bixby adores the Manatee County community for its small-town charm and scenic beaches. If he were a superhero, he’d keep his kids’ admiration by embracing the role of the “super strong” protector in their eyes.

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